San Antonio AFSCME Local 2021

As many of you know, we have been transitioning since January from SEIU Texas to AFSCME San Antonio, Local 2021. The transition will be complete on Oct. 31. AFSCME San Antonio is led by members from diverse departments and EEO groups. Our Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) empowers members, winning on priorities such as a real cost-of-living adjustment. The Employee Management Committee (EMC) wins city buy-in on priorities. Our Political Action Committee (PAC) communicates those priorities to local politicians. To keep winning, as we did this election, AFSCME San Antonio members are mobilizing for AFSCME representation on all seven EMC seats. Sign a petition by Sept. 30 to support AFSCME San Antonio. Also, all SEIU TX members must sign AFSCME San Antonio membership cards. To learn more, call us at (210) 507-2268.