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Why Join?

  • Do you want to build a better and more secure economic future for you and your family?
  • Are you hurting from a lack of quality, affordable healthcare coverage?
  • Have you ever been unfairly disciplined by your supervisor or forced to accept a demotion, suspension or other punishment you didn’t deserve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it’s time to consider forming a union with AFSCME. With more than 1.6 million active and retired members nationwide, AFSCME is the strongest and most respected public services union in the country.

We consistently fight for and secure the best wages, benefits and working conditions for our members. Since so much of public service workers’ rights, benefits and funding are impacted by the actions of elected officials, we maintain a strong presence in the corridors of government, fighting to protect our members and holding politicians accountable for their actions. We stand ready to do the same for you and your colleagues.

Get in touch with us to have a preliminary conversation and to learn more. All conversations are strictly confidential and you will not be pressured to move forward until you are ready.

On September 30, the COSA recognized AFSCME San Antonio as the designated union representative for all Clerical, Paraprofessional, Professional, Protective Services, and Service and Maintenance employees. The city will hold an election to determine if we will represent the final seat held for Skilled Craft and Technicians on the EMC.

We, the undersigned, Skilled Craft and Technicians, are committed to voting yes in the Employee Management Committee (EMC) election for AFSCME San Antonio Local 2021. We believe in the importance of speaking with one unified voice at the EMC table to secure improvements in the step pay system so that experienced employees are adequately rewarded; regular cost of living adjustments (COLAs) for all employees; hold the line on healthcare costs; and create a fairer and safer workplace.

Voting for the Skilled Craft and Technicians will begin Thursday, October 24 and last through Wednesday, October 30.

We, employees united in AFSCME San Antonio Local 2021, deserve a real COLA that truly keeps up with inflation; stable healthcare costs; and a restructuring of the Step Pay Plan to increase salaries for experienced employees. We also believe expenses that are necessary to do our jobs (from parking to supplies) should be fully reimbursed. Sign our petition and urge the Mayor and Council to pass a budget that fully addresses these issues.