Support the Marciano Art Foundation Union | GUESS Black Friday Protests

Just in time for the holidays, the Marciano Art Foundation (MAF) laid off Visitor Services staff only four days after they filed their union petition to organize. The next day, the Marcianos closed the whole museum, indicating that they would rather cut and run on their obligations to the community rather than address employees’ concerns.

A week later, they continue to hold private tours and events at MAF.

MAF workers need our help and solidarity. We are going to GUESS stores to show the Marcianos that they are not above the law. 

Join us at GUESS stores on Black Friday to demand that the Marcianos:

• Reopen MAF

• Reinstate MAF workers and,

• Recognize their union.


Top News

About 20 Marciano Art Foundation staff members who had been part of a mass layoff last week, only four days after announcing plans to unionize, gathered Friday at Shakey’s Pizza in Hollywood.

The specific target on this day: Marciano Artistic Director Olivia Marciano.

Dozens of fired museum employees and their supporters rallied last Friday outside the Marciano Art Foundation, the now-closed arts institution in a former Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire Boulevard.

Opening just two and a half years ago, Marciano Art Foundation management cited low attendance as its reasoning for closing its collection to the general public. It shut just days after its visitor services associates, or VSAs, publicly announced their intent to unionize.

Los Angeles labor organizers have filed a complaint against the Marciano Art Foundation after the museum abruptly closed last week. The museum had previously laid off all its visitor services staff—some 70 people—just days after employees announced plans to unionize. The museum cited low attendance as the reason for its closure.

Take Action

Tell the Marciano family to respect workers' rights by joining workers on Black Friday to demonstrate outside of Guess stores and demand MAF workers be reinstated.

Employees of the Marciano Art Foundation weren't allowed in when they showed up for work Friday. In fact, no one was.

A group of about 50 visitor services associates gathered outside the Marciano Art Foundation at 10:30am on Friday, the same as they would on a regular workday in anticipation of clocking in.

Last Friday, the museum’s six dozen “Visitors Services Associates,” who were tasked with overseeing galleries and educating visitors, announced that they were forming a union to negotiate about iss

Labor organizers in Los Angeles have accused the Marciano Art Foundation, a private museum, of violating federal law by dismissing dozens of employees after they announced that they wanted to form

“We’re here to work! We want to work!” shouted Eli Petzold as he stood before the locked gates of the Marciano Art Foundation.

Tell the Marciano family to respect workers' rights by joining workers on Black Friday to demonstrate outside of GUESS stores and demand MAF workers be reinstated.