Forming our union is important to me because I am committed to creating a better work environment for all current and future employees at the museum.

I support forming our union because we deserve pay transparency, clearer pathways for career advancement, and a say in our workplace culture. 

Unions are workers coming together, without fear, to fight for what they deserve. I hope together we are able to work towards a workplace with our care and safety in mind.

Our union at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will lay a foundation for safer working conditions, fair and livable wages, and a stronger voice for all workers.

We believe in the Academy Museum’s mission to be radically inclusive, and we believe in our mission as staff to be of service and to be agents of positive change in our community. Through our union, we believe we can set industry standards for cultural institutions around the world - standards that improve job security, fair and livable wages, and safety for all workers.

Don’t you love weekends? We only have weekends thanks to unions. I wanna be part of the next big 'Weekends.'