Chapter 03 - HHC (Health and Hospitals Corporation)

Most members are involved in design and alteration of existing hospital facilities and proposed new capital projects. Chemists and other scientific workers staff lab and support services in hospitals and family care centers operated by HHC and in the private sector throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Migdalia Acevedo - President
Cell Phone:  (917) 683-1930
Email: [email protected]

Andrew Kapsopoulos - 1st Vice President            
Martin Browne - 2nd Vice President            
Yolanda Cruz - Secretary            
Margaret Healey - Treasurer            
Hashimi Harura - Sgt. At Arms


Migdalia Acevedo
Uzma Aktar
Yolanda Cruz
Margaret Healey
Hashim Huruna
Andrew Kapsopoulos
Desai Sangita
Pecida Sarreal
Verne Zimmer