Chapter 04 - DDC (Department of Design & Construction - Structures)

The members’ responsibilities include in-house design and review of consultants' such as police precinct houses, firehouses, jails, cultural institutions and many others.

Mike Kenny - President
Cell Phone:  (917) 939-6963
Email: [email protected]

1st vice president:  Noah Kaufman
2nd vice president:  Suzanne Lee Kim
Treasurer:  Ronaldo Vega
Secretary:  Nicholas Voitiuc
Sgt. At Arms:  Kevin Allison
Executive Committee Chair:  Dallas Penn


Kossi Ahouissi
Kevin Allison
Bielecki Tomasz
Daniela Castro
Candacy Joris Chan
Hesam (Sam) Emam

Altaf Ibrahim
Philip Jones
Noah Kaufman
Michael Kenny
Suzanne Lee Kim
Rodolfo Leyton

Ali Mohammed
Emil Oprea
Dallas Penn
Ronaldo Vega
Nicholas Voitiuc
Teresa Byrne Salter
Margaret Matz