Chapter 04 - DDC (Department of Design & Construction - Structures)

The members’ responsibilities include in-house design and review of consultants' such as police precinct houses, firehouses, jails, cultural institutions and many others.

Mike Kenny - President
Cell Phone:  (917) 939-6963
Email: [email protected]

Barry Schwartz - 1st Vice President    
Suzanne Lee Kim - 2nd Vice President            
Sam Gyamfi - Secretary
Pradeep Desai - Treasurer
Romeo Abogado - Rec. Secretary
Subraham Singh - Sgt. At Arms
Noah Kaufman - Health & Safety
Richard Meserole - Membership


Romeo Abogado
Kristina Blazevski-Charpentier
Joseph Conrad
Pradeep Desai 
Sam Emam 
Noah Kaufman
Zubair Kazi
Mike Kenny
Suzanne Lee Kim
Miriam Molina
Maurizio Morelli
Peter Nyiam
Anthony Paolo
Bharati Patel
James Ruchalski
Barry Schwartz
Patel Shirish
Charles Wong


Richard Beaumont    
Warren Boyd
Ershaun Harris
John Miranda Sr.
Supy Singh
Christopher Vagnone