Chapter 07 - Parks (Department of Parks and Recreation)

Members work in the capital Projects Division of the Parks Department which signs and reviews park improvements. The Chapter also includes the largest group of municipal Landscape Architects in the country. Some members have received New York City Art Commission awards for their outstanding designs and have published articles and had their work publicized in professional journals.

Ricardo Hinkle - President
Cell Phone: (646) 369-5374
Email: [email protected]

Adam Davis - 1st Vice President
Latoya Jackson - 2nd Vice President
Kevin Bogle - Secretary
Kevin Horgan - Treasurer
Adrianne Weremchuk  - Sergeant at Arms

Sakai Brown - Health & Safety
Michael Meric - Delegate Coordinator
Chris Crowley - Elections Chair


Antoniette Ali-Sanders
Sakai Brown
Adam Davis
Margaret DeCesare
George Ezike
Steven Foxworth
Joy Gutierrez
Ricardo Hinkle
Golam Hossain
Michelle Langlie
Elizabeth Maneli
Nader Mansour
Dinyar Master
Rohan Mendis
Michael Meric
Daniel Merkl
Ben Mulchandani
Emanuel Nwokelo
Andrew O'Toole
Peter Witke


Kayel Conklin
Wajid Faridi
Svetlana Filipovich
Frank Fusco
Philip Karasky
Indrit Lamcaj
Hicham Osman
Rick Sheehan
Malak Tenisa
Annie Weinmayr