Chapter 08 - DEP (Department of Environmental Protection - Water Resources)

Members, as employees of the Department of the Environmental Protection, perform varied duties in most areas of the water supply system including the upstate watershed, the trunk and main distribution system, the sewers and sewage treatment plants and in laboratories that test the condition of the water at all stages of its journey from the reservoir system through New York City.

Harry Donas - President
Cell Phone: (347) 922-8089
Email: [email protected]

Alexander Frenzel - 1st Vice President
Zach Schultz - 2nd Vice President
Aklema Zannath - Secretary
Manesh Madhusoodanan - Treasurer
Pierre M Saint Louis - Sgt At Arms
Shyam Motwoni - Executive Chair


Zach Schultz
Victoria Rubino
Pierre M Saint Louis
Harry Donas
Alexander Frenzel

Manesh Madhusoodanan
Shyam Motwani
Stavros Georgiadis
Zamal Khan
Suresh Kumar

Mary Pignatelli
Kaled Alamarie
John Mak
Aklema Zannath
Brendan Hannon