Chapter 11 - DDC (Department of Design & Construction – Infrastructure)

Members from the City's capital construction programs of the departments of Environmental Protection and Transportation, so that road, sewer and water projects can be coordinated more smoothly.

Eric J. Sattler, P.E. - President
Cell Phone: (917) 681-9913
Email: [email protected]

Gary Maccio, P.E. - 1st Vice President
Aditi Basu - 2nd Vice President
Vincent Sawinski - Secretary
Julio Sevilla - Treasurer
Tehaul Singh - Sergeant-at-Arms
Christopher Williams, P.E. - Executive Chair


Aditi Basu
Gaurang Dave
Hayden Davis
Gary Macio
Ajaye Patel
Bipin Patel
Aniruddh Rawal
Eric J. Sattler
Julio Sevilla
Tehaul Singh