The President's Corner

AFSCME Local 1180 Family,

As an update to our 2019-2020 contract negotiations: As many of you already know, the Mayor has presented a budget to the City Council that calls for the LT unit receiving a 10% pay increase across the board, while calling for our OT/AT, IT/IS, & EC units to receive a SPI increase. Having spoken to the Mayors Office I have been told that the plan is that next year the LT unit will receive the SPI and the other units will receive an across the board raise that will bring those jobs up to market value (6-8 %). The most troubling aspect of negotiations so far is that the city has proposed to strike the language in our health insurance article in all contracts that spells out the specific amounts that the city will contribute towards our health insurance plans, they have added some simple language that says they city will contribute an amount as determined by the Mayor. If you’re not feeling alarmed right now, you should be.

We have been holding special negotiation strategy meetings that have been open to all members and even non members to keep you informed about negotiations, they have not been well attended. We have not had a quorum at a membership meeting in the last 6 months. Brothers and Sisters as your president I am committed to speaking for you and negotiating in your best interest but before I can speak for the people I need to hear from the people. Please stay up to date on all regular and special meetings they are advertised on our Tulsa afscme Facebook page and then please attend and tell your co-workers to attend we have some very serious issues on the horizon that will have a dramatic effect on your wages and benefits for the rest of your career. I am asking you as humbly as I can AFSCME Local 1180 Family to please make the regular membership meeting a priority in your life. As always, I want to thank all of you for your continued financial support of our organization with your monthly dues, thank you to the Executive Board Members, Stewards, and fellow Officers who are fighting the fight every day. AFSCME Local 1180 This is your call to Action, for your Union, for your Jobs, for your Families. Will you answer the Call?

                                                                                                                            Joshua L. Hall

                                                                                                                            President, AFSCME Local 1180