Council 4 Announces Municipal Candidate Endorsements

Municipal elections are coming Nov. 7, 2017.

  • Click here for a list of candidates recommended for endorsement by our PEOPLE Committee members and approved by our Council 4 Delegate Assembly. (You can also scroll down for the list.)

Council 4 Candidate Endorsements - 2017 Municipal Election

First Congressional District:

Ellen Zoppo-Sassu - Mayor 
Brittany Barney – City Council
Mary Fortier – City Council, Third District
Greg Hahn – City Council, First District
Peter Kelley – City Council Second District
John Medeiros – City Council, First District

Shonta’ Browdy – Board of Education

Jay Moran – Mayor 
Yolanda Castillo –Board of Directors 
Pamela Cranford – Board of Directors 
Peg Hackett –Board of Directors 
Sarah Jones, Board of Directors 
Jason Scappaticci –Board of Education
Melanie Stefanovicz – Board of Education 
Darryl Thames –Board of Education
Warren Packer – Constable


John Barry – Town Council
Carolyn Futtner – Town Council 
Dawn Miceli – Town Council 
John Moise – Town Council 
Kelly Morrissey –Town Council 
Christopher Palmieri – Town Council
Robert Brown –Board of Education 
Lisa Cammuso – Board of Education 
Zaya Oshana – Board of Education
Dagmara Scalise – Board of Finance

West Hartford:
Ben Wenograd – Town Council 

Second Congressional District:

Rosemary Coyle – Board of Selectmen


Carolyn G. Arabolos –Town Council 
Lisa Conant – Town Council 
John Hand –Town Council 
Sam Norman –Town Council 
Joan Lewis –Town Council

Thomas Arnone – Councilor at Large
Timothy Norris – Councilor at Large
Elizabeth Davis – Town Council
Marie Davis – Town Council, District 3
Stephen Niemitz – Town Council, District 1
Timothy Neville – Board of Education 
Tina LeBlanc – Board of Education 
Sarah Hernandez – Board of Education
Scott Ryder – Board of Education

Antonia Moran – Town Council
Ben Shaiken – Town Council

New London:
Alisha Blake – City Council 
Martha Marx – City Council
Jefferey Palmer Hart – Board of Education

Derrel Wilson – Mayor
Samuel Browning – City Council
Stephanie Burnham – City Council
Joseph DeLucia – City Council
Zato Kadambaya – City Council
Robert Phoenix – City Council
Kevin Saythany – City Council

Cathy Osten – First Selectman

James Tedford – Town Council *

Victor Funderburk – Mayor
Dawn Niles – Board of Selectman 
Dennis O’Brien – Town Council
Rose Reyes – Board of Selectman

Joshua Steele Kelly – Rep. Town Meeting, Dist 3 
Baird Welch-Collins – RTM, Dist 2
Deborah Roselli-Kelly – Board of Education

Third Congressional District:
New Haven:
Kimberly Edwards –Alder 
Sal DeCola –Alder
Dolores Colon –Alder
Evelyn Rodriguez –Alder *

Tina Manus – Town Council
Bieu Tran – Town Council

West Haven:
Nancy Rossi – Mayor
David Forsyth – City Council *

Fourth Congressional District:
Wanda Simmons – City Council
Howard Gardner – Board of Education
John Sokolovic – Board of Education

Harry Rilling – Mayor
John Igneri – Council
John Kydes – Council
Tom Livingston – Council
Bill Pappa – Council
Shirley Mosby – Board of Education

Fifth Congressional District:
Al Almeida – Mayor *

Bruce Fontanella – City Council
David Lowell – City Council 
Mike Reynolds – City Council

New Britain:
Daniel Salerno – City Council *

Peter Aduba – Mayor *

*= Council 4 AFSCME member

Want to learn more and get involved with helping to elect good candidates at the local level? Please contact our legislative action team of Brian Anderson at [email protected] or Zak Leavy at [email protected].