About Us

We are AFSCME Local 3580

AFSCME Local 3580 represents over 400 positions at Metro from planners working on managing our region's garbage and recycling, project managers developing transit options for getting around, workers at the Oregon Convention Center, educators at the Oregon Zoo and many, many more. For the greater Portland region we are working for the people, places and services in our communities.

We believe that every person deserves respect and voice at the workplace. As part of the community of AFSCME workers in Oregon and those across the United States, we fight for fairness, equity and economic prosperity for all working people and families and we carry that fight into our communities and in the halls of government.

AFSCME is the union that honors solidarity without conformity, drawing each member’s story into a force of experience and commitment that can’t be ignored. That’s how we win better lives for ourselves, our families, and our communities. For people proudly committed to public service, we never quit.

Mailing address: AFSCME Local 3580
525 NE Oregon St, Portland, OR 97232

Email Us: [email protected]


Recording Secretary
Site rep: PES/SW Sites
Site rep: Metro Regional Center
Variable hour position representative
Site rep: Oregon Zoo
Trustee, position 1