Board Elections 2021-23

Elections for the 2021-22 AFSCME Local 3580 Executive board will be held this fall. See below for description of board seats and nomination process. Nominations and election process will follow rules outlined in the AFSCME Local 3580 Constitution and AFSCME International Local Union Election Manual.

erm is February 1, 2021 to January 31, 2023

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Nominations are due Monday, Oct. 19 by 5 pm to [email protected].
Board nominations will be read at the October General Membership meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 21, noon. All members of the local will receive a meeting information and links.
Bill Stein, current site representative for the Metro Regional Center has volunteered to be the 2021-22 Nomination chair to receive candidate interest, nominations and confirm eligibility. Bill is not running for a position on the board.

Election schedule
Elections for positions will be held in January 2021. Any unopposed candidates will be considered elected for their positions at the October General membership meeting.

Article VI: Officers, Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Executive board positions
The officers of this local shall be a president, a vice-president, a recording secretary, a secretary-treasurer, a chief steward and five executive board members and these ten shall constitute the local union executive board.
Positions at large: The president, vice-president, recording secretary, secretary-treasurer and chief steward shall be elected at-large.
Site representatives: The five executive board members qualifications shall include the following geographical limitation: one board member from the zoo, one from the remote solid waste facilities, one board member from Metro Regional Center, one board member from OCC/Portland Expo/Portland'5 and one board member representing temporary employees.
Trustees: In addition, there shall be elected three members who shall serve as trustees. The trustees shall be elected to overlapping three-year terms. All other officers shall be elected for a term of two years in the odd-numbered years.

Section 2. Nominations
Nominations shall be made at a regular or special meeting of the local. At least fifteen daysʼ advance notice shall be given the membership prior to the nomination meeting. A nominating committee may be appointed or elected to make nominations, but whether or not such nominating committee is used, nominations shall be permitted from the floor at the nomination meeting. All regular elections shall be held in the month of January.

Section 3. Board eligibility
To be eligible for office, a member must be in good standing for one year immediately preceding the election, except in the initial election held in this local; provided, however, that no retired member shall be a candidate for office. For a member who is transferred or promoted into this local from another AFSCME local, this requirement shall be satisfied if such memberʼs combined membership in good standing in both locals is one year at the time of election.

Section 4. Elections
Officers shall be elected by secret ballot vote, and the balloting shall be conducted so as to afford to all members a reasonable opportunity to vote. At least fifteen daysʼ advance notice shall be given the membership prior to the holding of the election.

Unopposed candidates: From AFSCME Elections Manual, Making Nominations section
When nominations are closed, in any case where there is only one nominee and where that nominee has indicated that the nomination will be accepted, the unopposed candidate should be declared elected, unless the local’s constitution limits the number of officers and board members to be elected from the same work location or chapter, in which case the elected candidates should be announced after the election votes are tallied. This should be done by the chairperson of the meeting and does not require a motion or a vote.