Contract 2020

Planning for our next contract is underway and negotiations begin in February. Check out the links below for current information, our next planning meetings and how to get involved.

Our 2020 negotiations table team
Elizabeth Goetzinger, Lead negotiator; Lori Baumann, Oregon AFSCME; Laura Garlie, Recording Secretary; Rob Nathan; Katie Hentges; Andrew Judkins; Michael Cutright; Yuxing Zheng; Grace Cho.

Bargaining committee members: Keith Carpenter, Frank Culbertson, Trevor Dunsmuir, Alec Forbis, Jonathan Gillespie, Rob Smoot, Zackariah Sloane, Bill Stein, Oriana Quackenbush
All members are welcome to join the bargaining committee. Come to some or all meetings, email [email protected] to learn more.

→ List of current issues and improvements

→ Join our Member Action Team

→ Bargaining committee, table team and negotiation schedule

→ What is collective bargaining?

→ Framework for 2020 contract bargaining

→ Oregon bargaining laws and subjects of bargaining

→ Current contract language on bargaining

→ Types of bargaining