The Fight

On Friday, November 1, 2019, Marciano Art Foundation (MAF) employees marched to MAF management and notified them that they filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board asking for recognition. On Tuesday, the Marcianos, who also own Guess, laid off all employees who petitioned to organize. On Wednesday, the foundation suddenly claimed it would be shutting its doors.

We know this is far from the truth. These clearly retaliatory actions from the Marciano family are just another example of their long history of violating the rights of their employees.

We demand the Marciano family start treating all their employees with respect and that they do so by:

· Reopening the Marciano Art Foundation;
· Reinstating the workers to their jobs; and
· Recognizing their union so they have basic protections at work!

Tell the Marciano family to respect workers' rights by joining workers on Black Friday to demonstrate outside of Guess stores and demand MAF workers be reinstated.