Settlement Summary: Local 1321 & QPL

Local 1321’s Bargaining Committee and the Library’s Administration reached an historic deal on a new collective bargaining agreement, replacing our contract that was last negotiated in 1999.

For over seventeen years, Local 1321 members worked with an outdated contract that neglected many pressing issues. To rectify this, the local’s bargaining committee spent many hours formulating demands; meeting with library staff and each other; and negotiating with the administration. In the end, both parties achieved a contract that benefits the library, making it a better place to work and a happier workforce. PDF icon settlement_summary_between_local_1321_dc_37_afscme_and_queens_public_library.pdf

Settlement Summary between Local 1321, DC 37, AFSCME and Queens Public Library:

  1. Term - January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2020
  2. Article II – Bargaining Units - Grant funded staff with two years or more years of service will now be covered by the contract. If grant funding ends, all reasonable efforts will be made to redeploy the staff member to another funded line. If this is not possible, the layoff and recall provisions of the contract will apply. 
    Additional titles will be added to the bargaining unit. Final list available 12/9/16.
  3. For the newly represented mutually-agreed FLSA exempt titles the following terms will apply. Employees will earn compensatory time after 35 hours for first year to transition staffing and workflow. Effective 1/1/18, the existing contract language will apply. FLSA exempt employees will earn straight time cash or compensatory time between 35-40 hours, 1.5X cash over 40, until he/she reaches the “overtime salary cap” promulgated by NYC OLR, currently $81,788. After reaching the cap during the calendar year, he/she will earn straight time compensatory time.
  4. Article III – The Library will share information to improve the Union’s ability to make a counter proposal in circumstances where contracted out work would displace bargaining unit members.
  5. Article IV, New Section 1 a - All applicable salary schedules shall be updated within 30 days after across the board wage increases and a copy provided to the union.
  6. Article IV, Section 11 - Sunday Service Staffing assignments in branches where coverage is required shall be staffed consistent with Central Library policy – volunteers from other branches will be offered shifts on a rotating basis.
  7. Article IV, Section 14 - Effective 1/1/17, annual and sick leave may be used in units of 30 minutes, instead of one hour.
  8. Article IV, Section 15 - Up to 40 hours of sick leave can be used to care for an ill family member. ( increase of 19 hours from 21 hours to 40)
  9. Article IV, Sec 14 - Effective as 1/1/17, Schedule H shall be amended such that all employees will earn one Sick Leave day per month, an increase of two days per year for employees with less than five years.
  10. Article IV, New Section 18 – Other excused time - QPL will be closed to the public on Labor Day Weekend; and excused time up to four hours for member’s first visit to PSU and for preventative cancer screening, including, breast, prostate and colon cancer.
  11. Article V, Section 2 - Temperature – A full mechanical breakdown is not required to trigger compensatory time clock calculation. Non-public service (NPS) staff are now covered by this provision as well as public service staff. NPS staff begin to earn compensatory time one hour after the temperature thresholds are met. Public service staff begin to earn compensatory time one hour after arrival and temperature thresholds are met. QPL will provide temperature and humidity indicators that measure and indicate humidity and there will be mutual agreement on the placement of devices. The temperature thresholds are - heat - 85 degrees and 44% humidity, and cold threshold is 62 degrees.
  12. Article V, Section 11 & 12 - Delete inapplicable Workers Compensation language that refers to City Law Department. Use QPL Policies & Procedures as appropriate procedure.
  13. Article VII, Section 1 (D) - Temporary Assignments – 20 days increased to no more than 25 days.
  14. Article X, New Section A - Hiring and Promotional Panels for represented titles will have a Union Representative as a member of the panel.
  15. Article XV, Citywide - Mass Transit Breakdown – In the event of a major system-wide mass transit breakdown, lateness will be excused for employees able to report for work during the day after mass transit is restored.
  16. Article XV –Incorporate NYS Paid Family Leave Law, effective January 1, 2018.
  17. Article XVI, Section 2 – Foul Weather Gear – For Blue Collar employees the existing list of items currently purchased by QPL will be listed in the contract and will now include boots.
  18. Article XVI, Section 6 - Reimbursement for parking or travel, up to $10.00, to attend one day meetings or to travel between branches for midday coverage.
  19. Article XVI, New Section 7 - Funded positions vacant for six months, except those as a result of an approved leave, must be posted.