Education and Training

Our union is stronger with a well-trained activist core. We are dedicated to providing high-quality training and leadership development for all levels of our union. Council 93 provides a number of training opportunities throughout the year to all members and spealized trainings for locals. 

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Steward's Training

AFSCME Stewards in Action (ASIA) is a comprehensive curriculum for training union stewards designed to strengthen local unions by building the skills of current or aspiring stewards. The curriculum includes 15 hours of classroom training and covers both technical skills related to grievance handling as well as techniques to enhance member involvement in the union. The program uses the AFSCME Steward Handbook as a primary resource. This is a union-building course that gives stewards practical methods to represent and mobilize workers. Participants also receive an overview of basic labor laws, and AFSCME history and structure. All AFSCME members are encouraged to attend a steward training program. For information on an upcoming training or to request that a training be scheduled in your area, email Council 93.

Local Union Leadership Academy

The Local Union Leadership Academy (LULA) is a partnership between your council/affiliate and the AFSCME Education Department. Leadership teams of local unions participate in a two-day program designed to give them the knowledge and tools needed to build strong, active and effective local unions. For more information on the next academy email Council 93.

AFSCME Financial Standards Code Training

This training program provides participants with in-depth knowledge of the AFSCME Financial Standards Code. The Code is the document that governs the handling of all union funds and assets; the maintenance of financial records; and decisions regarding expenditures. The Code is one of the most comprehensive sets of financial standards in the labor movement. It provides step-by-step procedures for maintaining financial records, preparing meaningful financial reports, and making recommendations regarding sound business procedures. It also clarifies the rules governing paying wages, reimbursing expenses and paying allowances, etc.

The training is aimed at providing attendees with the ability to recognize the purpose and importance of the Financial Standards Code, to be aware of the key components of the Code and to be able to locate resources to carry out the requirements of the Code.

All Local Union Presidents and Treasurers are urged to attend at least one of these sessions on an annual basis to stay on top of changes and updates. Trustees, Executive Board Members, and other interested members are also invited and encouraged to attend.

AFSCME Online Leadership Academy

AFSCME's Online Leadership Academy features both live and self-paced classes for leaders, activists, members and staff that are interactive, fun and educational. The Webinars are live, scheduled one-hour classes conducted in real-time and cover timely and hot topics — such as pensions and state battles — and core topics — such as organizing and representing workers. Each self-paced "On-Demand" Class is flexible, can be taken at any time, seven days a week and will take just 20 minutes to complete. Click here for more information.