New Hampshire

77 Sundial Avenue Suite 104W

Manchester, NH 03103

Phone: 603-606-3303

Fax: 603-606-4069

The New Hampshire office services over 4,000 county and municipal employees working in a diverse range of public-sector settings. From Police to Public Works, RN's to CO's, Teaching Assistants to HEO's, LNA's to School Bus drivers and Secretaries to WWTP Operators we are AFSCME New Hampshire. Since 1945, when there was no public sector law in NH, AFSCME has been representing a most diverse range of Public Employees. The NH Staff is actively involved in every aspect of Union Representation from negotiations to grievance handling, providing education to processing improper labor practices charges, working with the State Legislature to promote legislation which protects our members and their families as well as offering training to the members and local officers regarding their rights and responsibilities. From Coos to the Sea, we are AFSCME!


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