AFSCME Council 31

Union-created role addresses crises, issues in pandemic: “The union’s Chief Safety Officer is there to ensure that the safety of all is priority number one.”
“We’re going to get through this. We know AFSCME has our back.” From early childhood to higher education, AFSCME Council 31 members are navigating a radically changed school community while advocating for the resources and protections needed for a safe workplace and learning environment.
A public water system is the best way to ensure accountability for employees, consumers and our community. AFSCME Local 988 members are fighting the proposed sale of Rock Island’s municipal water service to a for-profit operator.
“The union will allow counselors and administration to work together to improve overall working conditions,” counselor Loren Sargent said. “The union will improve staff conditions, which will ultimately improve student conditions as well.”

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