Retirement. You earned it and you have every right to enjoy it with dignity. AFSCME Retiree Chapter 31 is here to help make sure that's possible.

AFSCME Chapter 31 has more than 30 retiree sub-chapters that meet monthly [link to calendar] and form a statewide network that includes around 27,000 members. It's the largest organization of public-sector retirees in the state.

There are increasing attacks on retirement security and AFSCME works to educate, empower, and protect retirees. From union headquarters in Washington, D.C., the Retirees Organization is protecting Social Security and Medicare. It's the leading voice for public-sector retirees on Capitol Hill and in the senior citizen community. And on the state level, our chapter lobbies state legislators, leads the fight to preserve the stability of the pension systems, and organizes retirees to defend their benefits.

Our work isn't over. It's time to get involved!