Stop the sale of our water and sewer!

The Rock Island City Council is considering selling our community's water and sewer service to American Water, a private, for-profit company.

A public water system is the only way to ensure accountability for employees, consumers and our community. AFSCME Local 988 is fighting the proposed sale of Rock Island’s municipal water service to a for-profit operator.

Click here to urge the Rock Island County City Council to oppose the sale!

Privatizing water service hurts consumers

In many cases private control of water systems has resulted in worse drinking water quality. For example, Pittsburgh’s water quality violations followed a chemical treatment change that occurred after the city hired a large multinational firm to provide management and consulting services to the city.

Privatizing water service hurts workers

Private operators’ profits are directly tied to cutting jobs and reducing benefits to employees. Water privatization results in the loss of 1 in 3 jobs, according to Food and Water Watch, and will jeopardize retirement security for Rock Island workers as employees lose access to the public pension system.

Privatizing water services costs communities more

According to one study of ten Illinois communities which sold their water systems to American Water’s Illinois subsidiary, water rates more than doubled on average over a ten-year period. This corresponds to an extra $405 on the typical annual water bill of a household using 72,000 gallons of water a year. In comparison, national surveys have found that water and sewer bills typically increase by about 5 percent a year. That means that customers of these privatized systems are seeing their water rates grow 260 percent faster than usual.

Contact these City Council members and urge them to oppose the privatization of Rock Island’s water system.

Ivory Deaon Clark, 1st Ward
[email protected]

Randy Hurt, 2nd Ward 
(309) 737-3178
[email protected]

James Spurgetis, 3rd Ward 
(309) 737-3226
[email protected]

Jenni Swanson, 4th Ward 
(309) 781-4877
[email protected]

Dylan Parker, 5th Ward 
(563) 940-6073
[email protected]

Mark Poulos, 6th Ward 
(309) 737-9883
[email protected]

David Geenen, 7th Ward
(309) 912-6925
[email protected]